Castelo Branco

If you get installed on Monte da Fonte Santa,You can make the following activities: walking to the Mediavals Apiary or  the graves, and romans Termal Baths, or you can visit one of these places:

Following the next link Natural.PT website to visit the Natural Park of the International Tagus or the flyers that we have available inside the country house.

Did you know that:

  • The border section of International  Tagus, as well as in the valleys and surrounding areas, is one of the least populated and less frequented areas in Portugal. The fitted valleys of the Tagus and Erges rivers, exhibit a "wild" character which gives them a considerable scenic value and on certain slopes - as is the case of Segura - scarped shaped outcrops rise forming veritable rocky throats. In this Protected Area (23.41 ha) the geological substrate is predominantly shale and it contains an interesting set of characteristic flower species from the meridional landscapes: cork and holm oak woods, dense olive groves, sometimes ledged, and steppes of cereal. In the least fertile soils the gum rockrose dominates. From the existing species, many of them with protection status, we highlight the Otter, the Wild Cat and the Common Genet as well as a deer population along the Tagus and Erges valleys.

    It is an important area for bird fauna - highlighting the presence of the Black Stork, symbol of the Protected Area, and also numerous birds of prey that nest in the river cliffs. Scarce human population that subsists on a type of agriculture which reflects the conditions of the environment. 

Other places:

Castelo Branco(city): 8,4km- 10m by car
Templar Castle, the Cathedral, the Bishop's Palace Garden, the city's garden, Francisco Tavares Proença Junior Museum, the Cargaleiro's Museum, Crafts Market Hall or exhibitions, and the Festival Spring Musical in april to june, the Biennal oil in june and so on.

Other tours:
A boat's trip on a Tagus river, Natural park of Serra of Estrela,  Iconological Park of Penha Garcia, National Monument Doors Ródão (Vila Velha de Ródão) , Port Vale of Mourao (Foz do Cobrão), Cascade of Water Fragas D'High, Canteiro's Museum(Alcains) and  Nucleus and Ethnographic Museum of Slate, so on.

Historical and Schist Villages:
The Schist villages are 27 and are scattered around the hills of Lousã and Açor until Estrela´s mount. The historic villages are 12: Almeida, Castelo Mendo, Castelo Novo (village), Castelo Rodrigo (village), Idanha-a-Velha, Beira Linhares, Marialva, Monsanto (village), Piódão, Sortelha, Belmonte (village) and Trancoso.







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