Castelo Branco
About us

Who to turn to the east of the city of Castelo Branco ,will find within in her limits, the Fonte Santa´s road. If  we go for it , we find an almost lunar landscape. Large granite blocks around the field to which the people call "lincheiras." After 8,400 meters of asphalt from the downtown appears to us a blue gate with the inscription: "Monte da Fonte Santa de S. Luís. "It's here!
The hill should its name to ancient sulfuric hot springs that have exist since time immemorial. In it we find medieval vestiges excavated in granite rock.
In 1929, the Beato family built the house that was the basis of their work and live. It is in this old farmers' building, that we invite you to spend the night.
At any time, it is good to stay in the Country House or just in a room (Rural Tourism - RNET 4741) and enjoy a breakfast with homemade and regional products that are served daily.

Here you can rest from the technologies, a weak mobile network and no wifi.
In cold weather, you can stay at the fireplace to grill a sausage.In warm weather, enjoy the shade, seeing the viwes. At night, it's nice to be talking in the company of crickets and frogs. 

And look! ... If you get boring of the  field, go to the city ....


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New Year

Rent the full house in New Year's Eve. Contact us. 

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From 26 November to 16 December, ECONOMIC RATES. Contact us.